With Bubblewrap; Therapists, schools, parents, those living with ASD can use the power of virtual reality to teach or learn social and communication skills. Our VR content is developed inline with current research and clinically proven methods. You can read more about the research behind our content here.

Our products

Scroll down to view some of the products we currently have on offer. We are aiming to make all of our content available through our app by January 2020. We are currently growing our catalogue of programs and improving our current products.

Explore the World

VR environments allow users to explore a virtual world and experience what one would experience on a day to day basis. This allows those living with ASD to face difficult situations in a safe environment. This gives them the ability to learn the skills needed to deal with problems in the real world.

“The blue room” watch this video showing how researchers an the University Of Newcastle are using virtual reality technology to help children with autism face there fears.

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